Day #1

Today is the day one: the day in which I’m finally kickstarting my personal website. The day zero lasts for many years: looking at its whois records I discovered that I bought this domain name in the far 2011. $ whois Domain Name: TOSATTO.ME WHOIS Server: Referral URL: Updated Date: 2016-08-19T22:50:17Z Creation Date: 2011-08-19T14:37:20Z Registry Expiry Date: 2017-08-19T14:37:20Z # [...] At that time I was 21 years old, still at University, spending most of the time hacking exams and code with my incredible colleagues and wondering what I would have been in the future.

Docker Engine - From one to hundreds nodes

The recent DockerCon in Seattle has been really amazing. Among the many announcements made by the Docker team, for sure the most incredible one has been the presentation of the new Docker Engine “Swarm mode” that will be shipped in Docker 1.12. This feature has really shocked the container orchestration solutions community pushing Docker Swarm from a follower technology to be a potential leader of the competition. In this talk we will dive into the features of the new Docker Engine “Swarm mode” comparing it to the previous implementation of Docker Swarm.

WebScale Infrastructures with Kubernetes and Flannel

La capacità di rispondere in poche frazioni di secondo alle richieste degli utenti - indipendentemente dal loro numero - è un fattore determinante per il successo dei servizi sul web. Secondo Amazon, bastano 100 millisecondi di latenza nella risposta per generare una perdita economica di circa l’1% sul fatturato. In base alle statistiche di Google AdWords, inoltre, il 2015 ha sancito l’ufficiale superamento del numero di interazioni mobile rispetto a quelle desktop, con la conseguente riduzione della durata media delle sessioni di navigazione web.

Using Docker for Fast and Easy Testing of MariaDB and MaxScale

The ability to replicate the production environment in an isolated testing environment is a key factor for the success of any infrastructure (major or minor) component upgrade or replacement. Before introducing a new technology and deploying components into critical infrastructures, the maintainers must have a very deep knowledge of them. To reach this expertise it is really important to build and re-deploy the testing environment in an easy and fast way.